An advanced on-board weighing system for compact and smaller loaders.

The RDS WEIGHLOG α10 incorporates the latest colour touchscreen technology providing a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for trailer & hopper loading, batch blending or check weighing.

Loading correctly first time maximises productivity, reduces vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine and tyre wear.


The new RDS WEIGHLOG α10 uses a 4.3” colour, hi brightness resistive touchscreen display (widescreen format) and additional physical keys providing a modern and ergonomic operator interface. Suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments e.g. buckets or forks, the system can be retrofitted onto compact wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, forklifts and skidsteer type loaders.

The system measures hydraulic pressure using up to 4 sensors at a certain position during the lifting cycle compensating for pressure changes in the system.

Features & Advantages:

  • Clear colour touchscreen display providing intutive operation

  • Target load – set individual product target (1 of 30)

  • Stores database – 30 customer, 30 products and 5 mixing recipes, allowing accurate record keeping, traceability and stock management

  • Communication via SD card and USB memory stick

  • Static and dynamic weighing modes for ‘weighing on the lift’ allowing for a faster operation

  • Multi channel and grand total summary providing load accumulation for up to 10 attachments

  • Quick and easy calibration ‘Nudge’

  • Internal audible alarm

  • Printer option 

You can find more information on the weighing scale here:Weighlog Alpha 10