The piston accumulator (1) filled with extinguishant and nitrogen and pressurized to 100-105 bar is connected to a distribution system consisting of: distribution hose(s), distribution pipes and Fogmaker’s patented high pressure water mist nozzles (2).

The detector bottle (3) filled with detector liquid and nitrogen, pressurized to 24 bar is connected to a polymer detector tube (4).

The piston accumulator and the detector bottle are inter-linked via a patented release valve (5) that keeps the piston accumulator closed if the pressure in the detection system is normal.

If there is a fire – the detector tube bursts (6), the pressure falls in the detection system and the valve on the piston accumulator releases. As the system deploys, the pressure switch warns the driver through the alarm system (7).

The extinguishant is pressed through the distribution system’s nozzles and a high pressure water mist is spread throughout the protected volume (8).

Fogmaker Triple Action3

Absorbs heat: 1 liter of high pressure water mist is converted into 1700 liters of water vapor by consuming 540 000 kilocalories.


Oxygen displacement: Fogmaker’s water mist contain so small drops that 8000 of them fill out a normal sized water drop.


Prevents reignition: The small foam additive in the extinguishant settles like a blanket over combustible material.