Our purpose is to provide our partners various solutions/products, which enable them to increase work efficiency, decrease the exploitation cost of machines, and protect their assets.

Fire is the greatest destroyer of assets! We have the best protection against fire — FOGMAKER, a fully automatic fire suppression system of high pressure water mist.

Would you like to increase the speed of loading operations without any compromises with regard to precision? Install the new generation RDS on-board weighing scale to your loader, excavator, or product handling machine.

You cannot find a tool in your van, or valuable goods are damaged and there is never enough space. Take a look at how professional would your van be with the installation of BOB System, where there is a fixed place for a tool or goods.

Install the Prime Design roof rack to your van if you need additional space.

If you are looking for the cheapest solution, you may not find it here. But I promise that the solution/product you get from us makes your everyday work significantly more efficient and carefree. You will save heaps of time conclusively! What I can offer is nothing but the best. I can promise it without any doubt, because I have 30 years of experience in the repair works of heavy machinery.

Ando Brandt